Special Announcement

After 50 years of psychological practice, Dr. Bob Gordon has announced his retirement. He expresses his heartfelt thanks to colleagues, staff and patients for being a part of those 50 wonderful years.

Dr. Bob will continue to participate as a source of information and referral for colleagues, clients, patients and friends. During retirement, Dr. Bob will also serve as a member of the adjunct faculty at the UT Southwestern Medical School, the Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program. He also serves as a Member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.

About Us:

The Wilmington Institute Network [WIN] is a network of life coach mentors and experts who provide education, training and professional services to those in need.

WIN's specialty addresses the mental health requirements of families- adults, children, teens and seniors.

It bridges the fields of mental health and the law. Its faculty and advisors form a network of professionals that includes distinguished teachers, practitioners and research scientists.

WIN professionals work with the Courts, Agencies and Members of the Legal Professionals to help achieve their goals.

Founded in 1972 by Michael Nash, JD, PhD, Robert Gordon, JD, PhD, Antonio Bush, MD and Helen Edmondson, L.C.S.W., WIN is a network of professionals which includes respected mental health experts who are knowledgeable about the law, legal and legislative issues.

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Dr Bob's End Family Violence Video

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